Monday, 22 June 2009

The Great Respect the Sahaba had for Allah's Messenger

`Urwah (ibn Mas'ud al Thaqafi) returned to his people [the Quraysh] and said;
`O people! By Allah, I have been to the kings and to Caesar, Khosrau and An-Najashi. Yet, by Allah! I have never seen any of them respected by his courtiers, as much as, Muhammad is respected by his companions.

By Allah, if he spat, the spittle would fall into the hand of one of them and he would rub it on his face and skin.* If he ordered them, they would carry out his order immediately, if he performed ablution, they would struggle (with each other) to take the remaining water, and when they spoke, they would lower their voices and would not look at his face constantly out of respect...

*Blessings can only be sought from what is authentically touched by Allah's Messenger, or what was his i.e. his hair, or his saliva etc. since he did not forbid it [if it was forbidden he would forbid it or Allah would.] But it does not apply to seeking blessings from other people or graves etc. since this was not the practise of the companions after him.

Surah Al Fath - tafsir ibn Kathir;