Monday, 22 June 2009

"Eat, or i'll fill daube face!"

A'isha said: I came to the Prophet (sal Allah alaihi wasalam ) with some harirah الحريرة) that I had cooked for him, and told Sawdah (another wife of the Prophet) - as the Prophet was sitting between me and her - 'Eat'*.

She refused so I said 'Either you eat or I will fill your face!' She still refused so I put my hand in the harirah and daubed her face with it. The Prophet laughed, put some harirah in her hand and told her: 'Do the same to her!"

*Aisha wasn't a good cook.

Al-Haythami, 4/316; al-Muntakhab 4/393; Kanz al-'Ummal, 7/302. Al-Haythami said: It was narrated by Abu Ya'la, and its narrators are those who narrated in Sahih (Bukhari), except for Muhammad ibn 'Amr ibn 'Alqamah whose hadith is Hasan [good].